Fallen Angel

Fallen angel

Fallen Angel

An angel banished to the infernal realms. A Fallen Angel is an angel that has been banished and is now no longer an angel.

Loses all of the following subtypes: good, angel, archon, guardinal, eladrin. Gains evil subtype if evil. Does not gain demon or devil subtype.

Special Attacks

  • If evil: In all of its natural, extraordinary, spell-like, and supernatural abilities, replace all references to good alignments with equivalent references to evil alignments, and vice versa. Replace any positive energy effects with equivalent negative energy effects (turn undead with rebuke undead, cure spells with inflict spells, heal with harm, etc.). Any spells known or cleric domains available are similarly altered.
  • If neutral: For each individual natural, extraordinary, spell-like, and supernatural ability, the creature may choose between their original “good” ability and the alternative “evil” ability upon gaining this template. They may not change their decisions later. They do not need to make the same choice of good vs. evil for each ability. For example, a neutral fallen solar can choose to replace holy smite with an evil equivalent and still keep heal the same.

Special Qualities

As per the changes to Special Attacks. All good references become evil (if evil), or are chosen to remain good or become evil (if neutral).


The fallen angel does not gain or lose any feats, but they might lose access to the effects of a feat (such as an exalted feat) or it might function in a different way because of a change in the trait or ability it affects (such as extra turning giving the fallen angel extra rebuking, rather than turning).


Any plane matching their alignment.


Fallen angels may have deliberately left their native plane so they would be free to abandon serving good, or they might have been driven out after they turned from good. They may be solo, or have joined another group of neutral or evil beings.


The fallen angel retains all the other stuff that the angel has, ex: Height, Weight, Size. The fallen angel can be any form of evil for an alignment.

Fallen Angel

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